This got me in a lot of trouble recently on the forums and Facebook. People attacked me without even researching first my background. They told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. That nothing would convince me. And most importantly they all fell for the trap and spewed their truth believer stories about aliens in spaceships from other planets.

If they had read between the lines then they would have realized I have these experiences too but I didn’t follow or just believe in all the conjecture and tall stories. This has to be more important than just that. And we don’t know. We just don’t. But something is there.


So where does it come from? I look at the replies and opinions to Whitley’s page and on other UFO related websites about who the visitors are.

How do they know all this stuff? What are their references? Facts? Data? All any of us truly know is that something is happening we can’t explain. But Something is There.

All these claims of aliens, greys and the rest are just stories. No more, they have no basis in facts.

A UFO is an unidentified flying object. No more no less. It’s not an alien spaceship yet somehow in the minds of the public it has become that. The mislead true believers and the media are to thank for that.

It’s getting to this point where I can’t read anything about this subject anymore without the endless opinions and stories that have watered down this subject into the laughable material it is. Even I laugh at it.

People are playing X-Files and living in a fantasy world of make believe while something quite extraordinary is occurring as we speak.

Please question for yourself. Don’t follow and you may find truth.


UFO’s and faking

So a friend sent me this because a friend of his  was at this site and took the picture. Jokingly he he accused his friend of removing the UFO that should have been there.

So as a joke I sent it back 15 minutes later after loading the picture into Lightwave 3D and placing a 3D object saucer I have from BSIT. I reflected the same lighting and the terrain from the actual picture. set the depth of field and hit render.

I have been a visual effects artist for the film industry for years and doing stuff like this when you have all the big guns is a breeze.

I wonder how long it will take for some one to say it’s real and spread it all over the net.

Beware people most of what you see and hear is all BS. It’s that small 1 or 2 percent that matters. Question everything yourself. Don’t leave it up to the so called experts to give you the answers.


UFO Back



If you ever want to clear out your social media pages, loose alleged friends and send your family running away from you, do what I did.   Tell the truth.

That’s right. Tell the truth, because if you do, you won’t be trusted and you won’t be “believed”.  People have no way of knowing the difference.  It wasn’t their experience.

Why is it that I can come forward and out of the closet with just about anything, from being a drug addict to having a religious experience , and everyone will be OK with it? You’ll get told how brave you are, how right you are. But if you say “I saw something that I can’t explain”, something that didn’t fit the cultural dogma, they stone you to death, runway from you and worse.

I’ll tell you why. Because for years now this culture has embraced people telling lies.  It is sensational.  It gets ratings and sells books and movies. And our culture, itself, thinks the experience is all a farce.  The public at large has been taught that this subject matter is that of liars and crazy people.

All one has to do is type into the search engine “UFO’s” and you get a plethora of tall claims about beings from other planets  abducting  and terrorizing the public,  galactic federations, conspiracies, Lizard aliens, aliens, aliens and more aliens. They don’t know so they make things up.

People who are honestly having experiences with the unknown can only report what they see and experience. There isn’t anything in their experience that tells them more. To get attention, some will embellish.  Lies sell.

So is it any wonder when so many people are afraid to come forward? They are afraid that they will be associated with charlatans and crazy people and they won’t be acknowledged.

So this leaves it wide open for people that stretch the truth and make up lies to charge big bucks to hear them. They feed the true “believers” and “truth seekers” the stories they want to hear. They become embedded in an environment of folklore and find strength in it. They find strength enough to face the cameras and tell them how the Galactic Federation is trying to save mankind and more.

Because of this environment, people that know that something is truly happening to them are not heard and the public continues to laugh at  them. The Alien Conventions  are filled with storytellers. Their books and video streaming continues to rake it in.

I’m releasing my pilot, “But Something is There”, for free to the public. My book on Amazon, by the same name, only makes me a few dollars a month after Amazon takes their cut.  Something honestly happened to me and continues. I told the truth. I didn’t embellish my experience by calling the beings that I encountered aliens, demons, or anything else because I don’t know. I don’t know, “But Something is There”.

It’s amazing to me how much we make out of all of this paranormal interest. From my point of view and experience, it is all normal not paranormal. But we have been fed lies since we first opened our eyes by the real monsters that try to control our lives. That is the truth. They have told us all, from day one, what normal is, and as a result, paranormal was born.

I Want to Know

It has been an interesting experiment between being on C2C and other shows that reach thousands of people. The lack of interest in my work and the TV series is astounding. However I appreciate greatly everyone that is trying to help and has helped. You people are the very reason there is still hope.
I think the real problem is I’m just not sensational enough. My experience as reported is honest. I don’t buy into all the folklore in a search for answers, made up answers that so greatly populate this community.
There is a science to all this. Observe, collect data, and report findings. People always ask me to elaborate on my experiences. Did you see hybrids? What type were they? Are they good or evil? What planet did they take you to and so on. It’s  not that I haven’t experience things related to the questions I just don’t have labels for them, points of origin or theories.
It seems honesty is poor showmanship and it has been shown that the charlatans among us get all the cheese. Take that UFO over LA fake yesterday. Secure Team and the rest are mixing real videos with fakes all to get that money and hits. So many people wanted to believe and I get that. But don’t believe something, know it.
Whitley said it best, “Lie’s sell. The truth doesn’t”.
Nevertheless I’ll keep trying. It’s something to do and I don’t need the money. It’s never been about the money. I just wanted to shout and say, “We don’t all wear tinfoil hats and don’t believe everything we see”.  “Something is happening to me and I just want to share it truthfully”.
And I’m not alone in this. Am I? So many people with amazing stories hiding in the shadows afraid to come forward and all of this is the reason.
In fact I don’t believe in anything. I either know something or I don’t. And from what I have been seeing lately we don’t know much. As Jimmy says so well. “You just don’t know…you don’t”.  I just love that.
“But Something is There”.
I want to know


There is a reluctance of friends and family to promote my campaign because they are afraid of this subject matter. Afraid what people will think of them if they do.

These same people live in the past where you were considered a nut if you saw a UFO. But today our government has admitted to lying and covering up the truth for years now. They released UFO video from F-18 fighter planes. The pilots have been interviewed on every single mainstream media there is. For weeks. Yet it hasn’t changed a thing.

There is so much evidence to support the existence of an intelligence here on Earth it would smoother you. It’s time to stand up and stop being afraid to say it. “We are not alone”.

I’m Steve Neill and I approve of this message.