The latest

I have been busy lately as always. The studio keeps Mary and me crazy busy with so many projects from CGI animation, post production, model, our podcasts and more that it’s hard to take a break.

In addition to all that I’m writing the next book in the “But Something is There” series. In this book I’m spilling my guts like never before and going into great more detail about my life with this experience and the visitors.

I’m finding it difficult to write. Try going back in time and writing about your past to present day, the good, the bad, and the ugly, things that you would rather forget but never can. And these bad things had nothing to do with the visitors but bad people.

Many of you that will read the book will discover you aren’t alone with something you continue not to talk about because it is crazier to admit to then being in contact with an external, non human intelligence.

And this something might just be at the core of why these things happen to you and not the general populous.

So many books on this subject talk about the same thing over and over again and to be fair there are a lot of similar stories out there because they really happen to people. They like me want to write about it and tell their story.

After 66 years of life there has been something haunting me since I can remember and this book will talk about it.

It will take another 2 months for it to be finished but I’m well on the way with the writing.

It’s called, “But Something is There”, We Weren’t Taken.


Donations and views

The likes far outweigh the dislikes by a land slide. Those numbers clearly show that people get it. They understand what we were trying to achieve.

The small numbers of dislikes just wanted pulp and entertainment. They are outnumbered.

Thank you all for your support.

Out of 146,000 people I received 10 donations. Thank you so much for them.

I am currently writing my second book which goes into far more detail about my life and this experience. The book even covers the “Whys”. Why this happens and what the purpose might be based on my 66 years of life with this phenomenon.

The Show is Spreading

Since LPARS released this on to YouTube the comments are mixed. A lot of haters who only want “Scary” entertainment and could care less about truth and integrity. But some others defended the film as”Beautiful”. A great compliment.


But the likes vs. dislikes are a landslide. Thank you to the beautiful people I know on here on Earth. You are the hope of our future.




Now that my film has been seen by over 100,000 and the book thousands more I think I can call it, or at least talk about it.

I don’t sell snake oil. I never did. I didn’t do this for the money or fame. I only talk about what I know and what I don’t know. I don’t make up answers, theories or conjecture about my experience and as a result it has had many interesting results.

It has caused a lot of controversy. Why? Because I don’t call the beings grays, or aliens, or talk about where they are from and why they are here.

I’m not a member of the true believer or truth seeker club. I cringe when people talk about the galactic federation and the comic book dogma of X-Files fantasy they have created.

I get emails telling me I’m with the devil and I know well who they are and their agenda. I get yelled at for not knowing true science. We are not close to interstellar travel. I’m told that we already are and it’s being covered up. Really? It gets worse but those of you on the side of commend sense, reason and intelligence get the drift.

Trust me you are out there because I’ve had your emails too. You appreciated what I have done and thanked me and shared your stories with me even collaborated.

Then there are the people that have nothing to do with this subject matter. Outsiders who just plain out hate “But Something is There” and yet the next comment says “beautiful. Just like my experience”.

Despite all this controversy and debate I haven’t been asked back on any radio programs or podcasts. I haven’t been asked to be interviewed again since the release. I haven’t been invited to speak at Cons or events. I am literally being shunned and ignored by the media of this field of interest. Why? My perspective on this subject goes against the grain. It takes away from the tall tales and wild tales. It hurts the snake oil salesmen that line up the next guest list at the next Alien Con.

I’m not saying everyone is telling lies on those lists. They aren’t there are some good people there. But they are few and far between and get the least attention. A good example is Whitley Strieber. At Contact in Desert he wasn’t even listed or his picture shown. You had to look down a long list of text to find it while the snake oil people had their Hollywood pictures and gloat well presented on the front page of the guest list page.

You are being had. Sold Koolaid and it’s not helping the advancement of knowledge of this amazing phenomenon.

I want to thanks the good people that have commented and wrote to me in reason. You are the reason I persist. “There’s still hope. Don’t give up”.

The successful failure

I have had many reviews and comments. Only four negative reviews. Most people who watched it loved it. Even people not involved in close encounters.
We reached thousands of people from Fade to Black to Coast to Coast, Dreamland and many more. Fans spread it to numerous forums and websites and all over social media.
Out of all that, to date, 666 views. I’m not joking that is the current actual count.
The public is the real failure. They wouldn’t watch it even for free.  Because if they only watched a few seconds of the show it would have registered as a view.
I’m not sure they can sit still with anything for more than 5 minutes at best.
Mary and I are blown away. But the more I think about it it makes perfect sense. People are lost, confused, and distracted to such a point they are easy prey. Prey to the times, the ridiculous politics of the world. Something that matters not at all in the grand scheme of things. Step back a few light years into space at it doesn’t exist at all.
“But Something is There” speaks of this very thing.
But the people that wrote to me about the show and why they liked it so much(even watched it several times and commented on very single detail) are the real hope. They even commented on the music used. Thanked me for the lack of scary music and and loud sound effects during the bedroom scene. They go it.
Then there’s the people that it pissed off because it didn’t suit their little paradigms. I didn’t call them aliens or say where they are from. How dare I.
I chuckle with success there. Wonderful. You don’t know what you don’t know.
Still the great experiment continues. Several emails cry out for more and I hope I can do the next script, “The Dreamtime”. It’s a good script about communion with the other side and those other worlds. Somehow I will find the money.
I won’t give up I was warned not to. If you watched the film you will know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t don’t comment.
But this for me has been a successful failure. And I am proud and pleased.
Thank you all for the support on all this and keep spreading “But Something is There” as far as you can.