A warning and the art

Looking through photos of my old artwork I am coming across things I forgot I did, and when I made them.

One clearly shows the Twin Towers. This was a dream like experience with the visitors where I was showed the towers. I thought they were the Century City towers originally and the flooding was caused my rising sea levels. This was 1994.

The other painting was done in 94 too. I was showed this massive title wave. I was walking in the Agora hills near LA. Those hills have oak trees on them to give you some perspective. I remember thinking at the time I had nowhere to run.

Through my experience I have had many dreams and visions of the rising sea. It has been a common theme. Now they are rising.

The visions the visitors shared with me were never a threat but rather a warning that if we continued on our present course these things would be unavoidable. And who better to share these visions with than writers, film makers and artist in general who would illustrate these warnings through their art. Artists are people that have vision. This art, in whatever form it took, would affect millions of people. And so the warning is shared.

Whitley’s books were turned into block busters about the coming climate change and other issues that are dramatically affecting our world. Many other films and books have been written about this subject. And now it’s a reality just as predicted by these artists and by scientist.

The people without vision didn’t listen. These people control the world and make all the decisions, but if they keep it up much longer they will lose their grip on this world. Mother Nature always wins. And that little warning has always been made clear by the artists and scientist.

And then there was the experience with the visitors and their having me accompany other people, humans that seemed to be on a field trip. These people and I were shown another world with a thriving civilization close enough to the Irion Nebula that it could be seen from their planet. They had space travel and weren’t bound to their planet as we are Earth.

There have been other times when I was with the visitors while they entered a home during the night. I was just with them to observe and they would take someone from their bed to the dark disc in the sky.

The Communion bust was made in the 90s too. A large full sized bust of Whitley’s famous book cover. I later gave it to Whitley.

I’m sure I will continue to find more art.  I did a lot of it. And I’ll share these with you as I find them. Eventually it will all end up in the “Visitor Art” book I’m compiling now for future release.

Beyond Communion Comics

It was back in 95 I met Martin Powell. He is a distinguished successful comic book writer. He had a deep interest in the Visitor experience and wanted to create a Communion comic book based on Whitley Strieber’s work.

We set about making up two prototype mock-ups to shop to Caliber Comics if me memory serves me well.

For the first one Martin wrote a story based on some he knew who had an experience. I did all the art work in colored pencil, and my late with Gilly did the lettering.

I recently found the original artwork I thought was lost. It was in a binder well protected for the last 20 years or more. I also found the actual comics that later went into print. I found a few of them. Maybe 10. I’m thinking of having Whitley and I sign them and offering them to collectors.

Notice the ad for Dreamland effects my old company.

I’m so glad I found this little part of history. I believe somewhere I have the second prototype too which was all black and white.

Enjoy and have joy.


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“But Something is There” The Book

Many of you know about our TV series, “But Something is There.” We at SNG Studios produced an hour long pilot for the series. It is based on my real life encounters with the unknown.

Whitley Strieber coined the term “the Visitors” for lack of a better description of a non-human intelligence that millions of people are interacting with and have been for a very long time.

I have never liked the term aliens because we don’t know that they are aliens or from where they come. Their point of origin is unknown. At this point in my life it doesn’t matter anymore, as all intelligences and life forms are connected. We tend to want to explain things and give a sense of order and location to everything we experience. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we find ourselves. That we know ourselves.

We are amazing beings and when we perceive this vast universe we sometimes feel fear. We may feel small and insignificant; but nothing could be further from the truth. We are this universe, we are born from it and there are no limits to the size of consciousness we possess.

My experiences with the visitors has forever changed me, connected me and separated me from the self-imposed reality of our culture.  This culture separates us from the very stars from which we are born. A reality that asks you not to ask questions, to look down and not up.

In this book I tell my story from my first memories to the present, where the journey still continues. It is honest and told as it happened.

At age 65 I still don’t know why this has been happening or who the visitors are. However, I do have an idea as I express in conclusion in the book.

I want to thank everyone who has helped with this book. Thank you to the love of my life, Mary Cacciapaglia, who has painstakingly edited my writing. A big thank you to Whitley Strieber, for being my friend and always being there to help and support me; thank you Paul Butcher for the lovely cover. Thank you Yvonne Smith for your friendship, support and Forward to my book.

The book will be available in September 2017.book cover

More lost art

How I met Whitley Strieber was through a comic book project that started back in 1994. A friend of mine and a great writer himself, Martin Powell started the project. One night I got a call from Whitley and we have been friends ever since.

Martin and I did a couple of prototypes for the comic to show to Caliber Comics. I’m just now finding them in storage. I found the first one which was based on another person’s experience, not Whitley’s. The second was one of Whitley’s stories that took place at the cabin.

For both versions I made the cover work and the inside art. I will over time show you more from these prototypes.

The Comic that was released unfortunately took that same direction that Hollywood takes when it comes to this subject. That is to sensationalize it. Although the comic wasn’t as harsh as the films can be. It still had on the cover, “True Stories of Alien Abduction” a term that makes my blood run cold. It is inaccurate and creates fear.

One of the very worse movies on this experience was “Fire in the Sky”. The sequence where Travis was taken on board was a Hollywood nightmare fantasy that never occurred. They just made it up. Every reason “But Something is There” was self funded. So I could tell the truth.

This page of the prototype comic was written by Whitley from his experience just the way he wrote it.

Now that my book version of “But Something is There” is finished, we are starting on another book project. This book will document all the art and sculpture I have done on this subject starting in 1970. It will be a book of art and commentary.

Strieber Comic page

Raven’s moment

I did this piece of art for Whitley back in 95. Raven Dana along with some other guests stayed at Whitley’s cabin one night and they all had a group encounter. Raven’s as I recall was in the morning when she woke up. A visitor was standing on her bad and they had a moment. She reached her hand out to the visitor and they touched.

I’ve always wanted to do a painting of this. This was just colored pencil. But the image of the visitor is the most accurate I have ever created from my own experience seeing them.

I had this very same moment more than once and it’s one of those incredible moments one can ever have. It changes you forever.

Ravens moment

My thoughts this morning

“This experience is at the very core of who we really are. By having these interactions with the unknown we gain knowledge and self discovery.
And the problems here on Earth are between those that connect with the cosmos and those who do not. With those that fear the unknown and those who push past their fear towards higher consciousness.
We don’t see reality the same way and thus the constant conflict. But one day evolution of higher consciousness will win out. It just takes time.”