We are busy to the studio. With a June 12th shooting date closing fast we are building sets. The first is the acient churchyard wall were the grandfather sees what he calls, “the Devil”. The walls are being made of polystyrene foam and Paul there is marking the foam so we can go very the markings with acitone and a bush to shape out the stones. Later this will be painted with latex paint and aged and weather to look like actual stone.
The visitor masked in the pictures are for long shots or as we call them background masks. The actual makeup is all in foam rubber with many over lapping prosthetetics. The dark eyes have yet to be added.
next up we will be building interior house sets. We plan to shoot most of the pilot on stage rather then use actual locations. Much more creative control this way



Published by

Mary Cacciapaglia

Mary Cacciapaglia was born on the East Coast and spent most of her childhood on the West Coast. Graduate of Cypress College she has had variety of small businesses, paralegal, MCSE, Artist/Photographer and certified dog trainer. Currently Mary is a producer for "But Something is There" and manager/curator for SNG Studio & Gallery ∞ in Ventura, California

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