It was a busy week. So much done yet so much still to do before we shoot on June 12th.
The stone wall for the old church yard scene with Grandfathers Devil is done. And we started the sets for grandfathers study whrere he tells the story to young Mark. Sunday we start the spackle and paint. The window will have a Matt Painting outside of it complete with street light and fiber optic stars.
So far we have our sets. We have our makeup prosthetics. But we still need wardrobe and set dressing and furniture of the late 50’s. We are looking now but if you have anything in your garage or storage please contact us about it.

Published by

Mary Cacciapaglia

Mary Cacciapaglia is an abstract artist, pet portrait artist, photographer, sculptor and videographer who strives to find and see what many may miss in everyday life and expressed what she finds in her art. Oh, and did I mention Haiku poetry? Please come and see the Gallery when you visit Ventura, California. Gallery ∞ shows art of Mary Cacciapaglia, Steve Neill other local artists. Contact the Studio at (805) 982-0481

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