Shoot #2, 7/9/2016,”But Something is There”

We are shooting today. More great scenes with Robb and Logon. In addition today we have the lovely and talented Tammy Klein. I will be shooting more behind the scenes footage to add to this weeks SNG Experience. I would like to thank my dear friend Whitley Strieber for being part of this production, the friendship and inspiration.
i am deep in editing and increasing up grades to my editing equipment. This week we got a new 29:9 editing monitor. A new GTX GeForce Founders addition 1080 video card. we are shooting in 4K so we had to upgrade. Exciting times.

Published by

Mary Cacciapaglia

Mary Cacciapaglia is an abstract artist, pet portrait artist, photographer, sculptor and videographer who strives to find and see what many may miss in everyday life and expressed what she finds in her art. Oh, and did I mention Haiku poetry? Please come and see the Gallery when you visit Ventura, California. Gallery ∞ shows art of Mary Cacciapaglia, Steve Neill other local artists. Contact the Studio at (805) 982-0481

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