That question about financing…

Our production, But Something is There, is not “on spec” as much as a labor of love. The reason we have not asked for a backer is because when someone gives you a large sum of money they want to have creative control as well. This story is based on real experiences. Steve, Paul, Whitley and I don’t wish to make this production into someone else’s vision. It is funded by the few model and prop jobs we get and some of our social security money. We are going to sell it after it is finished to keep our vision. All work on the production right now is volunteer and, when it sells, we will be able to compensate all involved for their hard work and love.


Published by

Mary Cacciapaglia

Mary Cacciapaglia was born on the East Coast and spent most of her childhood on the West Coast. Graduate of Cypress College she has had variety of small businesses, paralegal, MCSE, Artist/Photographer and certified dog trainer. Currently Mary is a producer for "But Something is There" and manager/curator for SNG Studio & Gallery ∞ in Ventura, California

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