Another great shoot!

I really am a blessed human being. Our crew is the most inspired, talented, and beautiful human beings I have ever in my 40 years plus career, had the pleasure to work with.
I start this post by thanking them for making a dream come true. I could not do this without you.
We shot the scene where the grandfather takes his grandson for a walk in the country at night to see the stars. But this night they see much more. This actually happened to me and it was amazing to recreate yet another event in my life.
John Catalano, his son John Jr. and John O’leary made a fantastic rig for the over head lighting that worked so well. We call them the John’s.
At this point in the production we are getting very far along. Past the halfway point. And the editing Issac is doing in post is showing us all that we are on the path to a great show. I can’t begin to express how exciting all this is.
This Sunday we are shooting the gardener scene with an elaborate prosthetic silicone makeup made by my interns. It’s the last big scene with Logan who has been doing an amazing job of playing me at 7 years old. Another few weeks and we will finish principle photography.

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