Report from the director-another great shoot

Yesterday we had yet another great day of shooting “But Something is There”. At this point we are beyond the three quarter mark in this production. Over 40 minutes into the time line with yesterdays shoot. And another 15 minutes to go.

Still to come in January is our shooting at our condo of the support group scene. A much longer scene then originally written. It will be dramatic, haunting and emotional.

We will by then have only two weekends left of shooting.

Post production with Awesome Issac and now the help of the very talented Brad Hoplock is progressing well. Lots of effects shots are done. Later On Tammy Klein and Glenn Campbell will be doing and redoing shots for our show.

Brad is doing our title sequence and yesterday he sent me an idea he had for it as an animated intro he worked up over the last 3 days. Everyone, including myself and Whitley Strieber were blown away by it. It is perfect right down to the music he selected. Brad totally understands the feel of our show.

I then remembered the voice over Whitley did for us months ago. I was curious how it would cut to Brad’s test intro. I found it. Issac cut it in. I told him it would most likely need to be trimmed. But to our surprise it synced to Brad’s piece as if it was made for it. It was spooky. One in a million but it was the perfect fit.

I’ve posted a low res of the now short trailer intro for our show. I’ll post a hi res later this week but I was so pleased with it I just had to share it.

The shoot was great. We did all the static shots of older Mark in his study reflecting on his life while his voice over explains his story.

Then we shot the talk show scene on green screen to be later keyed in with a CGI set and desk I’ll start tomorrow.

Steve Altman a long time good friend and Jeff Bond were fantastic together and at points I really felt like I was going back in time to those many talk shows I did on this subject. They were most convincing and talented.

Jim Wolf, our new intern, did sound yesterday and did a great job. The rest if the crew was as always, talented, reliable and professional. I couldn’t  have done this without them.

Paulina, Giselle and Samera did a fantastic job on the silicone makeup that Jeff wore as the older Mark. Paulina’s sculpture of the prosthesis was excellent and very realistic.

I thank each and everyone one of my incredible crew. And thank you Mary for everything you do, my greatest of producers and the woman I love.





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