Update before Christmas

We are doing a bit of remodeling at the studio to make room and organize. Isaac is editing our trailers. Three in total of different lengths with live action from the film.

Next week it’s back to working on the puppet.And I’ll be starting another Créature puppet sculpture for some added scenes. I have written a great deal more into the script to give the pilot a full hour and to cover many of the details that can happen in the Visitor experience.

January we shoot the support group scenes where people I met in the group tell their amazing and emotional stories of their encounters with the unknown.

Remember this will be the first time ever that a film or series has been made about this subject that’s a realistic portrayal of these experiences. No Hollywood horror sci Fi story. It doesn’t make a mockery of these very real life changing experiences that honest people from all walks of life have. The show doesn’t ever suggest that we are dealing with aliens. No conjecture, theories, names, planets they come from. It doesn’t plug in or agree with the popular folk lore that many have about this subject. We don’t call it alien abduction. I’ve never liked that term, or the conjecture that has gone with it.

All we know is something is there. We interact with it. And yes we are told things and shown things but it doesn’t mean they are the truth. That we can trust our interpretations we have of what we are told and experience. That will take time.

Worst telling the public an interpretation, a therory, and not just the facts is damaging to everyone who is honest and truthful about what they have experienced.

This is why the public laughs and makes fun of so many. This is why they are discounted. “But Something is There” hopes to change this perception. To show not everyone that has seen something they can’t explain doesn’t wear a tin foil hat.

“But Something is There.”


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