Last principle photography shoot

Although we have some incerts, and montage shoots of small bits the principle shooting with talent will be done as of this January 21st. Hard to believe it was last April this all started. It’s taken that long to shoot an hour pilot. But we did it on weekends and when our crew could afford the time.

It was the only way to so as to avoid outside funding. It has been my experience that when you have funding you rant always free to create freely your vision of a film project. That is particularly important with this subject matter because to this day Hollywood always gets it wrong. They turn it into science fiction and aliens. This I could not allow. As written in the script, “I never said it as aliens, you did.”

Isaac is hard at work on the theatrical trailer that when released will give you an idea of the emnormidy of work done by this dedicated crew of fine artists without whom this could have never been accomplished.

Here is a frame grab Issac picked out from the trailer. Although you’ll never get a look at the Vistors this well it’s still a pretty cool image. It lacks that presents of fear so many Hollywood productions of this material has.

In this experience for me personally the only fear I felt was from lack of understanding rather than threat from the unknown.

I am trying so hard to keep this show on that level. The unknown is to be embraced, explored and understood. Not feared.





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