Great Shoot again!

We just did our last heavy bit of principle photography. This time it was the support group scene where people that have this experience come together to discuss their experiences in private. Most people who actually have these experiences with non humans are not open about it. They are very private and keep these things within the community only.

As said in the script you can come out of the closet with just about anything from being a wife beater to a subsistence abuser and you’ll get a big pat on the back for it. Come out about interaction with the “Visitors” and they will stone you to death.  A bit coarse but true enough. I know, I’ve been there.

So it was amazing to direct a scene I lived more than once. It was done so well by everyone involved in our cast it gave me the chills.

I want to thank Yvonne Smith for her participation in the shoot. And the members of her group, CERO who are experiencers themselves. CERO stands for Close Encounters Research Organization. Yvonne is a certified hypnotherapist how has been working for decades now researching and working wit people have the encounters.

Brent, Tonya and April drove along way to help us by appearing in the support group scene. They are members of CERO and gave the scene such a realistic feel.

And thank you Julie Fox! Robb Wolfford, David Graf, and Jeff Bond for your excellent performances.

The crew as always was fantastic! This has been amazing but its not over yet. Next up we have the second unit work to do. Bits and pieces on stage with green screen, pickups on locations but at this point after nearly 10 months we have nearly shot the entire script!



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