Where we sit now…

We are down to three weekends or three Saturdays of shooting. Mostly inserts, on stage with green screen and one location shoot in Ojai. When I go through the script its amazing to see how much we have shot since we started last April.

Our time line in the edit bay is up to 50 minutes at this point. A lot of visual effects are done and I’m working on more currently.

Just started yesterday on the gardener scene which requires more backyard growth and one lizard the gardener finds and shows to the boy. We never had the lizard on the shoot. We new it would be hard to a find a cooperative lizard and a wrangler. So I found a good CGI Lightwave model of a lizard and gave it a boned structure yesterday. Today I start animating.

I addition I started a another puppet of a small fetus for what I call  “the Gallery” scene where our character is taken by the Visitors to a huge building of corridors lined with small tanks with suspended fetus. I roughed out the clay sculpt and Giselle has been refining the sculpture. Later on we will make a mold and cast it in translucent   silicone.


Next we we will finally make an armature for the 3 ft. grey and get the puppet built for our green shooting of the kitchen scene.

We are doing very well. And being that Mary and I are financing this production ourselves, with a crew working on deferment, it has taken nearly a year to shoot a 1 hour show.

We are so thankful to all the talented people that have given their time to this production. And their dedication. We love you all!

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