Continuing on with production…

So there’s this lizard. We never shot with a real lizard because it would have been so problematic we would have been shooting for two days. So the director (that’s I) said those classic lines…”we’ll fix it in post.”

Isaac and I did just that. The funny thing about all this is that people watching will never know all the hard work we did I to animate and composite this lizard. They’ll think it was a real lizard. Ironically many CGI haters will think that too.

The show is littered with CGI work from buildings and landscape to star studded skies. Not to mention the talk show set that already has people who have seen some of the cuts fooled.

Today I make the decision of when and what to shoot next. All inserts and add one but no more dialogue.

The next thing on my list of things to do is to promote this production to the public. Few know we exist and some just think this is another SNG short fun film despite the  huge amount of writing and behind the scenes on this blog. Not to mention the trailer.

We need exposure. Not sure where to begin beside spend more money, but getting on some pod casts, talk shows and spreading this somehow to the millions of people interested is subject matter would be a start. We just aren’t reaching them.

Hollywood has so damaged the image and reputation of this subject matter it’s no wonder we are having a problem. They have done nothing but distort and twist this subject in to ridiculous science fiction. Aside from the “UFO Incident” made in the 70s about Betty and Barney Hill there has never been a show that was honest to the subject at all.

What about “Fire in Sky”? Seriously?… It was just awful. They completely changed Travis Waltons account of what happened to him onboard the craft that abducted him. And that was wrong. It was all about money. They didn’t care about telling the real story and just made it into another science fiction movie and not a very good one at that.

We are hoping to change this and start a better trend for productions about this very serious subject matter.

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