We are working hard

Isaac and I sure have our hands full. We are doing all the visual effects ourselves. We don’t have any budget left to hire on so we are also doing the editing and all post production.

So much of the visual effects and CGI won’t see because it’s so well blended into the natural locations to alter them and add too. So many of the sets have either been created where they didn’t exist, like our talk show set and Main County in the country at night. Or a lizard that just looks real. Most will think we just had a real lizard.

But there will be lots of strange lights, haunting set interiors and strange beings that couldn’t  have been done any other way.

To day I worked on the green screen work and multi layered AE composites for a dome room that projects images with one of the small beings. I have been working on it two days now and it’s still a rough, but the animation previews of the being walking with Rob turned out very well. I’m also the animator and this creature is rigged and hand animated the hard way. But it’s all quite rewarding, no motion capture here or computer assist.

More to come.


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