CGI Visitor models

I have been at it now for several days on this model. Although I have built such meshes in the past I have been using techniques I should have long ago. So it’s been learning and building at the same time or it would have been done sooner.

None the less I am closing on this mesh and I have gone beyond what’s truly needed as it will never be seen that long on the screen or in such full lighting as this low res render.

It’s in a rather stiff pose as it’s suitable for rigging. Once rigged (which is the next step) I’ll be able to pose it and animate. In addition the face will have full movement of expression.

This being represents the taller beings that seem to be in charge based in my experience and that of others.

Issac has been doing after effects and more editing and the pilot is really shaping up. He is also(you’ll be happy with this Tommie) getting ready a partial cut to our talented composer.


Published by

Mary Cacciapaglia

Mary Cacciapaglia is an abstract artist, pet portrait artist, photographer, sculptor and videographer who strives to find and see what many may miss in everyday life and expressed what she finds in her art. Oh, and did I mention Haiku poetry? Please come and see the Gallery when you visit Ventura, California. Gallery ∞ shows art of Mary Cacciapaglia, Steve Neill other local artists. Contact the Studio at (805) 982-0481

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