The latest update- 6-27-19

Work continues on the the show as we do more and more visual effects work. Keep in mind this isn’t going to be a special effects extravaganza of CGI with aliens and UFOs in every minute. There will be lots of visual effects you will see and not be aware that they are. 
Many of our sets were basic and added onto with CGI using green screen, Lightwave 3D and after effects. Trees and country side added for the night scenes. The lizard that the young Mark character holds in is hand and more.
We are nearing the end on the effects as we have more than 70 percent of them made.
Isaac continues on the time line edit as I go through sections and fill in the “scene missing” visual effects shots.
As for the book I write daily as best I can with our busy schedule.
I find writing the book very difficult from the standpoint of how it effects me in surprising ways.
When I’m writing about my experiences with the visitors and I have been intensely engaged in those memories, I will take a break. It’s during this time I feel odd. In an altered state. It’s difficult to describe. It takes me awhile to shake it off. 
It is as though I had just had an experience, or encounter, and I’m feeling once again the exact same effects. Very powerful and unexpected.
The book is flowing and all my memories are intact. At the rate I’m going I should finish soon.
In addition to all this  we recently attended a CERO support group meeting in Huntington beach. I haven’t been to one in years. 23 to be exact. 
We met some new people there and some familiar faces too. The meeting was fascinating as always while people told their stories of their experiences. 
While listening to them it became apparent to me that so many of the occurrences are the same as always and follow a pattern. They are consistent.
But there are so many variations on a theme that are relevant to the individuals environment of their upbringing. This changes the experience from person to person and how they perceive their experience. 
For some its a nightmare. For others a blessing and a journey. How you are taught or learn to view your reality at and early age can completely shape how one views their experience. 
So if you view your experience as a nightmare it in fact may not be. Fear can be blinding and the more fear you have the harder it makes it to see behind it’s veil. What lies on the other side may be important and wonderful but how we are taught by our culture to view reality can prevent us from seeing the truth.
I also made some interesting observations during the meeting. There was a window to the back of the room and while people were sharing their stories I saw some strange things. I told Whitley about these things yesterday and we had a good laugh about it because in keeping with the Visitors strange ways of projecting images we would take as everyday they are in fact not. Whimsically so.
As I listened I saw this very strange little man outside the window moving in a strange manor. He was odd looking, thin, dressed poorly like a homeless person and holding a late 60’s SLR 35 mm camera in his hands. He was right at the back of the window and looking down at something. I never once saw him take a picture and this went on for awhile. As typically I never once thought to tell anyone or point it out, but just watched in fascination until he was gone. 
It wasn’t long after this I was a strange object in the sky. At first I thought I was seeing a rotor less helicopter. It was soft focus and I couldn’t make out a lot of detail and I passed this off to the window being frosted until I realized it wasn’t. It couldn’t have been because I saw the little man perfectly through the glass before.
It moved right to left and it made no sound as a helicopter would have. It was black and looked like a dumbbell.
In my travels attending events and support group meetings related to the UFO phenomenon it is very common in my experience for these things to occur. I can never be sure completely of what I experienced or saw…
But Something is There


One thought on “The latest update- 6-27-19”

  1. This post is very interesting!! On two accounts after leaving Huntington Beach meeting I myself saw two huge glowing orbs in the sky Followed me all the way home to San Diego!



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