Many Universes

Here are a few frame grabs from the sequence where Whitley Strieber introduces us to the show. He begins with reminding us all about the strange and fantastic existence we all are part of. Life on Earth, in the solar system, in the galaxy, in the billions of galaxies that make up our universe and it doesn’t stop there.
We now know there are uncountable numbers of Universes too. There is no end to it.
This is done so that anyone viewing “But Something is There” may considered it not so unbelievable or far fetched when one considers that their reality is much larger and more mysterious then they reflect on daily. I do reflect on it daily and it is part of my reality. A reality that our culture does not want you to consider.
Work continues daily and I’m now on to building a star ship model to animate in the part of the sequence that shows us in the near by future leaving the solar system and discovering a new world.
The image of the multi universes is one that I first saw years ago in an experience with the visitors. In fact I have a drawing I’ll look for today that I did back in 94 long before science announced it’s possibility.
The other is a 3D galaxy I built in Lightwave that is our Milky Way  galaxy as we leave it and go to the edge of our universe and beyond into the multi universe.

2 thoughts on “Many Universes”

  1. I have only had one encounter with a UFO….many years ago….not much. Looked like a white, glowing football in the sky. Sat there for awhile, moved a bit, stopped, moved again…then the lights went out and it was gone.


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