Sound of the machine

As I edit my now finished book I’m covering the chapter entitled, “The Sound of the Machine”. A sound that only 2 percent of the world’s population can hear, that I can hear everywhere I go and have been.
I call it the “The Sound of the Machine”, the machine that generated our reality. This hologram or simulation that only now is becoming apparent to science when these tribal people were and are in awareness of this knowledge and have been for thousands of years.
It has always sounded a lot like the aboriginal didgeridoo to me. Low and constant humming that will change pitch and mood. And I have always thought it is related to the Visitor experience. Maybe that’s why they created the instrument thousands of years ago to emulate its sound.
In researching more about the aboriginal people I came across this video that tells there story about how the universe was created and about the master spirits of the dream time.
I have known this story for many years. Ever since I saw “The Last Wave” which inspired to learn more about the aboriginal people I feel I have a deep connection to.


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