This week’s commentary


More progress for”But Something is There” we are still in post production and growing closer to a finish everyday.

I was looking through one of the closets at the studio and found a treasure trove of my past. Found in two boxes were 100’s of photographs, slides, and negatives of my past work throughout my entire career. I thought these had all been lost.

In them I found a these two important pictures. One is of a hand print on a dusty lamp shade near my friends bed.

My friend Shawn has had encounters all his life. One day he called me on the phone very excited.

He woke up one morning after and encounter and found these prints on his lamp. I told him not to touch anything and I ran right over and photographed them. This was in 93 so they were taken on a 35mm film camera.

They were small and child sized. 3 fingers and a thumb. I examined them and found them not to be faked in anyway. I knew Shawn well and he would never do such a thing.

Only recently at our home here on a garden mirrored ball I found these exact same prints. And they have been seen by others I know too.

You, the reader may find them familiar because they are distinctive. Write or contact me if you have and if you have pictures so we can compare.


I’m also finding artwork I did back in the early 90s from my experience. Most of these have never been seen before.


In my experience with the Visitors, it has often been told to me that we are deeply contacted with the dead. That there is a fine line between the realm of the living and the dead . That there is a relationship between the visitor encounters and encounters with the dead.

Whitley talks about this in great length in his amazing book, “The Super Natural” a book which I highly recommend.

In this image a man has passed and his spirit is going home. I had forgot about this image until I stumbled over it yesterday. By no coincidence I’m sure.

I am going through this treasure of my lost work and will share with you the more significant images as I find them.

Mary and I are planning a book of all my past art, TV and film work I have produced on this subject.

6 thoughts on “This week’s commentary”

  1. Glad you found that lost work! I recall the one visitor whose hands I saw in detail had three long fingers and a thumb. They were either multi-jointed or not jointed at all and functioned like snakes.


    1. It has to go through a few channels first. We have a producer and industry marketing person who has to look at it first and then shop it. It’s our hope for either Netflix or Hulu. But it will be a series on streamed television. It’s due to finish post production in the next two months. then we’ll see what happens next.


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