Update on our show and commentary

Work as always continues on the Pilot. Isaac and I had a first real look at the time line. At this point it’s about 52 minutes long. And there’s another 10 minutes or so to add. So we ended up with more footage than we had hoped for.

As always it’s better to have too much than not enough. We can always cut back and it’s harder to add. So we are good there.

We also are finding rough spots that need blending from one sequence to another. Some effects shots still missing. But overall this show has real impact and its not like all the other shows that have been made about this subject.

The very title defines its intent and how I feel about it.

I have never bought into the “I believe”, or the theories and conjecture. To be honest with ourselves we need to keep a healthy skepticism. For those of us that have this experience in our lives we have little evidence to suggest who or what we are dealing with. We do however have a measure of proof that something is there. But it fails (although it can be suggestive) to Identify the Visitors or their intentions, never the less they are present.

We hear all the time (and this is only one example) they are from Zeta Reticuli. This is mostly due to the famous Betty Hill map by now long forgotten by many of the current folklore creators of the UFO community.

I could go on at length but this type of hearsay has created a real problem for researchers and experiencers who honestly want to present their evidence of something truly remarkable as contact with non human intelligence. They won’t even be heard or considered in light of all the media attention focused on the liars and hoaxers.

This has always been a problem. But I tell you, something is there. I know this I don’t believe it.

So the show represents what I do know and what I have witnessed. No theories and no conjecture. It will be an attempt to allow people who watch it reconsider their uneducated opinion. Maybe what they have been taught to except is wrong. Know for yourself. Question your reality and explore this amazing universe you born from.


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