Book sample

Here is a tiny taste of the book taken from the introduction:

The Visitor subject for many is a topic that is considered taboo. It’s thought of as fringe, crazy, and without merit. My understanding is that people fear what they don’t understand. It’s like a dark room everyone is afraid to enter for fear of what they might find inside. What if there was something wonderful inside? In reality humans fear the unknown and the greatest unknown of them all is who we are or might be.

I do not and have not allowed that fear hold me back. Fear has held back the Human Race. It has kept us from evolving our consciousness. It has, for the most part, made us Earthbound in a huge universe that beckons us to commune with it.

If we will just look into the mirror and see ourselves, we just might find that we are the Visitors and have been all along. How amazing and impossible we are; yet we exist. And other impossible and amazing intelligence’s exist as well in our Universe. After all we are all children born of the stars.

Mirror Image080fixed

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