NBC’s Conformation

This is me with the visitor puppets I made for NBC’s 2 hour “Conformation” TV special spun off Whitley’s work but in no way was it fateful to the actual data concerning the “Visitor experience”. It came as no surprise really. As usual they(the media) lied to us and twisted the truth and made up their own alternate truth complete with the same old broken record skeptics. In most cases they were debunker’s and there’s a huge difference between the two.  The picture is from 1999.

NBC told us they would treat this subject matter with respect and they wouldn’t have skeptics. But after they were done shooting the show with us, they went ahead and got there skeptics and inserted them in to the edit of the show. We would not know this until this show aired on prime time.

Never the less I was grateful to Whitley for getting me this job. I was also asked to speak of my experiences but this time I choose not to.

Just this experience, along with so many I had with the narrow minded judgmental media, is the motivation behind “But Something is There.” I wanted to share the truth. Because what ever this experience is, there’s something there.




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