Outside the box

Things are proceeding nicely on the production. Brad Hoplock just delivered his amazing title sequence. Isaac is editing daily and I’m doing the last of the CGI visual effects shots.

One of those most amazing moments in my life besides seeing Mary’s beautiful face for the first time took place in my old kitchen in the Granada Hills house.

It was 1998 at three in the morning when I woke up thirsty and headed to the kitchen for water. As I stumbled along I reached the refrigerator but something was blocking it, a butcher block. Why had my late wife Gilly left it in front of the refrigerator? As I reached to move it, its two legs moved. I thought to myself two legs? A butcher block has 4, now it only has 2 and they are moving!

At that moment I realized I was seeing a visitor. She looked at me for a short second. It was a beautiful moment. We had eye contact, there was an exchanged thought and in a blur she moved through the wall and was gone.

At first I was at first seeing the visitor being. But my mind saw the most logical conclusion to something that according to my society couldn’t exist. That’s how we are taught. If it’s outside the box it has to be wrong. So I saw a butcher block. But when it moved I saw through the façade and saw what was really there.

In this case an exact reverse of what the skeptics always accuse you of, seeing what you wanted to see.

Recreating this scene hasn’t been easy and it’s still a work in progress so the frame grabs from the animation are not finished.

You know if the title sequences are getting cut in we are getting close to finishing this production. It is our hope to do more when we get picked up.

Interest from my modeling followers and followers of my career has been low to say the least. People are still uncomfortable with this subject. I could come out of the closet on just about anything and I’d be given a pat on the back for having the courage. But this subject for many remains taboo because they are afraid. What if I’m right? That means we have to change everything ever knew and were taught. And people fear change too.

There is so much more to our existence. I want to know this more, not believe in it or anything else. Because believing is empty and lacks knowledge. Knowing is having knowledge.

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