More lost art

How I met Whitley Strieber was through a comic book project that started back in 1994. A friend of mine and a great writer himself, Martin Powell started the project. One night I got a call from Whitley and we have been friends ever since.

Martin and I did a couple of prototypes for the comic to show to Caliber Comics. I’m just now finding them in storage. I found the first one which was based on another person’s experience, not Whitley’s. The second was one of Whitley’s stories that took place at the cabin.

For both versions I made the cover work and the inside art. I will over time show you more from these prototypes.

The Comic that was released unfortunately took that same direction that Hollywood takes when it comes to this subject. That is to sensationalize it. Although the comic wasn’t as harsh as the films can be. It still had on the cover, “True Stories of Alien Abduction” a term that makes my blood run cold. It is inaccurate and creates fear.

One of the very worse movies on this experience was “Fire in the Sky”. The sequence where Travis was taken on board was a Hollywood nightmare fantasy that never occurred. They just made it up. Every reason “But Something is There” was self funded. So I could tell the truth.

This page of the prototype comic was written by Whitley from his experience just the way he wrote it.

Now that my book version of “But Something is There” is finished, we are starting on another book project. This book will document all the art and sculpture I have done on this subject starting in 1970. It will be a book of art and commentary.

Strieber Comic page

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