A warning and the art

Looking through photos of my old artwork I am coming across things I forgot I did, and when I made them.

One clearly shows the Twin Towers. This was a dream like experience with the visitors where I was showed the towers. I thought they were the Century City towers originally and the flooding was caused my rising sea levels. This was 1994.

The other painting was done in 94 too. I was showed this massive title wave. I was walking in the Agora hills near LA. Those hills have oak trees on them to give you some perspective. I remember thinking at the time I had nowhere to run.

Through my experience I have had many dreams and visions of the rising sea. It has been a common theme. Now they are rising.

The visions the visitors shared with me were never a threat but rather a warning that if we continued on our present course these things would be unavoidable. And who better to share these visions with than writers, film makers and artist in general who would illustrate these warnings through their art. Artists are people that have vision. This art, in whatever form it took, would affect millions of people. And so the warning is shared.

Whitley’s books were turned into block busters about the coming climate change and other issues that are dramatically affecting our world. Many other films and books have been written about this subject. And now it’s a reality just as predicted by these artists and by scientist.

The people without vision didn’t listen. These people control the world and make all the decisions, but if they keep it up much longer they will lose their grip on this world. Mother Nature always wins. And that little warning has always been made clear by the artists and scientist.

And then there was the experience with the visitors and their having me accompany other people, humans that seemed to be on a field trip. These people and I were shown another world with a thriving civilization close enough to the Irion Nebula that it could be seen from their planet. They had space travel and weren’t bound to their planet as we are Earth.

There have been other times when I was with the visitors while they entered a home during the night. I was just with them to observe and they would take someone from their bed to the dark disc in the sky.

The Communion bust was made in the 90s too. A large full sized bust of Whitley’s famous book cover. I later gave it to Whitley.

I’m sure I will continue to find more art.  I did a lot of it. And I’ll share these with you as I find them. Eventually it will all end up in the “Visitor Art” book I’m compiling now for future release.

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