Been Abroad…I’m back

It’s a shame there’s such a low interest in this project from my followers. Seems if I’m not making a monster, creature, model, or doing something with “Star Wars” or “Star Trek”, it just lays there and “But Something is There” certainly has. But not entirely.

I have never poured more of my talent, time, and passion into any project then I have this one. It’s a film project and film making has always been my first love.

2001: a space odyssey lead me on that path and making things from movies I loved followed as a result. Making things became a means to an end so that I could make films. It got me deep inside the studio system and industry and I am grateful.

The subject matter is personal too, and a highly taboo subject at that. Doubted, criticized, and judged as something fringe by people that know little about their own reality beyond that of their daily rising from their beds through a predestined and aligned reality made for them by our society that is rarely questioned.

However not everyone. And these individuals are the ones that make the world the amazing place it is. One where we can fly through the skies, discover other worlds in the Cosmos, and walked on the moon.

“But Something is There” questions!

Never the less we continue knowing that once done it will be appreciated by the niche market it is intended for. Those who question. Those who wonder.

Before I left for two weeks on an Alaskan cruise Issac brought me the rough cut to go through while I was gone. There is still much to do, never the less it’s a rough cut with credits and all scenes cut in. Over one hour now.

I still need to add a few effects and blend overs from scenes to scenes but it’s all there. Tomas Martin just sent me a new piece of score for the credit sequence Brad Hoplock made us and its wonderful.

The book will be published next week. It’s all done now and we have a wonderful forward from Yvonne Smith!

Currently at the studio I’m working on two 2001: a space odyssey projects. One is re-creating the lead “Dawn of Man” early man costume and the other the “Star Child”.

Both in my  opinion could not be more related to this subject matter. 2001 was the greatest movie ever made about the subject of non-human intelligence and it’s cause and effect on human consciousness!

If you find that statement confusing(as many have) watch it again. It answers those questions about who we are and where we might being going.



One thought on “Been Abroad…I’m back”

  1. I’ve gotten a lot of great responses from the trailer on my Facebook page. Thanks for sending the other link about the sighting in Africa.



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