The Book, the Pilot, and reflection

“But Something is There” the book is now in print from Amazon. It was a pretty long road to get if you consider that the road began when I was only 6 years old.

Thanks to many people that helped, Mary Cacciapaglia, Yvonne Smith, Paul Butcher, and Whitley Strieber to name a few.

It is my hope that it will help and give comfort to those who have this experience and perhaps open the minds of those who question it. And to bring attention to the our pilot.

None of this was done to get the attention of the media or make money (this is often accused by our critics and skeptics). It was done because I wanted to share what happened to me, nothing more. Sure they may both make money, when you work hard it is customary to get paid for your efforts.

Since it has been released things have been quiet. I know people are uncomfortable with the subject matter and that’s sad; because we have all been conditioned since very early in their lives not to question, but rather except the programming we are given. We who question may not be always right by a long shot but the ones who think outside the paradigm are the people who advance our understanding of our reality and Cosmos. Clearly there is more to who we are.

The book and the show are an attempt to give you a glimpse inside a different world; one that many live with daily in silence in fear of ridicule, and in fear for their jobs, families, and acceptance by their society.

Like the astronauts and explorers of long ago and today, these people are braving a new frontier. And as always in the past as it is today they will be criticized, ridiculed, harassed, and even ostracized by their society and peers.

Galileo spent 8 years in prison for his discovers about our solar system with his telescope because it defied the church and its belief that we are the center of the universe. This has always been a part of discovery no matter what the subject. From Darwin to Galileo this has always been part of pushing the outside edge of our reality.

Look up at the Stars!


Ravens moment

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