2001: a space odyssey and the Visitor Experience

I have been recreating items from my favorite movie of all time “2001: a space odyssey.” There is not a film or book that has had more influence on my life than 2001. It mystified me and set me on a course that lead to my film career but at the same time the film is so deeply connected to the Visitor experience.
As I sculpt the Star Child from the end of the movie I’m feeling a deep connection with the meaning of this experience. As with the film there will be a next step in human evolution. From the early man apes in the pit that touched the monolith 4 million years ago to Hayward Floyd in the Tyco cater touching the Monolith we move towards higher consciousness and the stars.
As I sculpt this recreation of the Star Child it’s no wonder to me my connection with the film and now it has gone full circle for me.
Here is the rough sculpture so far. Also Moonwatcher I recently created from the film.

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