Next Episode and update 04-16-18

Isaac and I got the picture all done. Every cut and effect is in place and ready to render. The sound mix goes in today and Tuesday Paul Gentry and I do a one last go over.

Wednesday I run off the first full render of the film and we are ready to screen. I have been working 7 day weeks and I’m just about had it and I’m looking forward to a break.

I have started writing the next episode. It’s called” The Dreamtime”.

It deals with a level of this experience never expressed by most alleged experiencers. Contact with the dead, other worlds and parallel existences we all have.

We are blinded to the truth of our dreams by a system that teaches us early on to be under their control and to believe what they tell us.

Many tribes from the Aboriginal to the Native Americans know the truth and have for thousands of years. They are the most intelligent and advanced humans on this planet.

And we should have listened to them. Our connection to the Dreamtime is vital. This is painfully apparent in light of the current state of humanity. It never had to be this way.

This episode will explore this reality.

Image may contain: screen and indoor
Image may contain: screen

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