What’s Next?

We had a very successful public screening of my TV pilot that took two years to produce. Overall I’m happy with it. We pulled off a pretty high end, high production value film on a very small budget thanks to all the talented people they gave tirelessly of themselves to this production.

Whitley Strieber was there and gave a speech at the beginning and read the first chapter to his latest book on the subject (a WIP) that really set the mood of the film.

What’s next? Well I am writing 5 more scripts. Not just talking about it but actually writing. I have two to go. The titles are:

The Dreamtime


Strangers in the Night

Grasping at Straws

Rude Awakening

We are currently building a production fund raising campaign by assembling our talent and crew. We will go with IndieGogo and in addition to that seak private funds.

It is our plan to make 5 more episodes and release it on Amazon Prime.35058278_10156728224143623_4361506423998251008_o

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