I Want to Know

It has been an interesting experiment between being on C2C and other shows that reach thousands of people. The lack of interest in my work and the TV series is astounding. However I appreciate greatly everyone that is trying to help and has helped. You people are the very reason there is still hope.
I think the real problem is I’m just not sensational enough. My experience as reported is honest. I don’t buy into all the folklore in a search for answers, made up answers that so greatly populate this community.
There is a science to all this. Observe, collect data, and report findings. People always ask me to elaborate on my experiences. Did you see hybrids? What type were they? Are they good or evil? What planet did they take you to and so on. It’s  not that I haven’t experience things related to the questions I just don’t have labels for them, points of origin or theories.
It seems honesty is poor showmanship and it has been shown that the charlatans among us get all the cheese. Take that UFO over LA fake yesterday. Secure Team and the rest are mixing real videos with fakes all to get that money and hits. So many people wanted to believe and I get that. But don’t believe something, know it.
Whitley said it best, “Lie’s sell. The truth doesn’t”.
Nevertheless I’ll keep trying. It’s something to do and I don’t need the money. It’s never been about the money. I just wanted to shout and say, “We don’t all wear tinfoil hats and don’t believe everything we see”.  “Something is happening to me and I just want to share it truthfully”.
And I’m not alone in this. Am I? So many people with amazing stories hiding in the shadows afraid to come forward and all of this is the reason.
In fact I don’t believe in anything. I either know something or I don’t. And from what I have been seeing lately we don’t know much. As Jimmy says so well. “You just don’t know…you don’t”.  I just love that.
“But Something is There”.
I want to know

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