If you ever want to clear out your social media pages, loose alleged friends and send your family running away from you, do what I did.   Tell the truth.

That’s right. Tell the truth, because if you do, you won’t be trusted and you won’t be “believed”.  People have no way of knowing the difference.  It wasn’t their experience.

Why is it that I can come forward and out of the closet with just about anything, from being a drug addict to having a religious experience , and everyone will be OK with it? You’ll get told how brave you are, how right you are. But if you say “I saw something that I can’t explain”, something that didn’t fit the cultural dogma, they stone you to death, runway from you and worse.

I’ll tell you why. Because for years now this culture has embraced people telling lies.  It is sensational.  It gets ratings and sells books and movies. And our culture, itself, thinks the experience is all a farce.  The public at large has been taught that this subject matter is that of liars and crazy people.

All one has to do is type into the search engine “UFO’s” and you get a plethora of tall claims about beings from other planets  abducting  and terrorizing the public,  galactic federations, conspiracies, Lizard aliens, aliens, aliens and more aliens. They don’t know so they make things up.

People who are honestly having experiences with the unknown can only report what they see and experience. There isn’t anything in their experience that tells them more. To get attention, some will embellish.  Lies sell.

So is it any wonder when so many people are afraid to come forward? They are afraid that they will be associated with charlatans and crazy people and they won’t be acknowledged.

So this leaves it wide open for people that stretch the truth and make up lies to charge big bucks to hear them. They feed the true “believers” and “truth seekers” the stories they want to hear. They become embedded in an environment of folklore and find strength in it. They find strength enough to face the cameras and tell them how the Galactic Federation is trying to save mankind and more.

Because of this environment, people that know that something is truly happening to them are not heard and the public continues to laugh at  them. The Alien Conventions  are filled with storytellers. Their books and video streaming continues to rake it in.

I’m releasing my pilot, “But Something is There”, for free to the public. My book on Amazon, by the same name, only makes me a few dollars a month after Amazon takes their cut.  Something honestly happened to me and continues. I told the truth. I didn’t embellish my experience by calling the beings that I encountered aliens, demons, or anything else because I don’t know. I don’t know, “But Something is There”.

It’s amazing to me how much we make out of all of this paranormal interest. From my point of view and experience, it is all normal not paranormal. But we have been fed lies since we first opened our eyes by the real monsters that try to control our lives. That is the truth. They have told us all, from day one, what normal is, and as a result, paranormal was born.

6 thoughts on “Truth”

  1. I too have tried to explain to people(like my brother)about such things such as UFO’s and bigfoot, but were either laughed at or ridiculed. I do not bring up the subject, Knowing what to expect. My brother believes all crop circles are being done by the two men who are probably dead by now.
    I will eventually see and watch your movie, and will undoubtedly enjoy it.


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  2. Steve:

    The BSiT subject matter has been used in both factual content, (Betty and Barney Hill, “Captured”) but overused in sci-fi: the average viewer doesn’t distinguish between the two.
    As you point out, there’s good number of sci-fi movies supposedly based on fact but is 99% fiction. The “X-Files” did nothing to further your cause. I loved that show but it successfully blurred the distinction between fact and fiction.
    Truthfully, I think the teaser you created is impactful. It has a good pace, builds nicely and leaves the viewer wanting more. The full length film is stylistically hard to define. It leans in the documentary style but there is story telling element that moves it in a different direction.
    In documentary has seen the style change greatly over the past twenty years. Discovery Channel style was initially the poor man’s documentary: their goal was to get the viewer to watch 11 minutes of programing which would get the viewer through a commercial!. Powderhouse Productions is Discovery’s poster boy and when I scored their first engineering special the owner point blank told me the Discovery Channel golden rule: Get the view through 11 minutes of programing and one commercial!
    The public now expect everything they view at “Drive Through” pace. Teens don’t know what an album is. While we would listen to entire LPs over and over, today’s youth don’t finish listening to a whole song before skipping to another!
    One other suggestion. Would show as little of the visitors and their technology as possible. Would suggest darkening or blurring what’s shown. Read recently on this 50th anniversary of “2001”, Kubrick intended to reveal the aliens. When they could not find an image or shape they liked, he elected to not show them at all. It likely helped the film.
    Lastly, it may be possible to condense down the film. as was the tease. I’ve written as much as two hours of music for lengthy rough cuts that, once edited, came down to 44 minutes!
    Hope you may find a few of these thoughts useful.


    1. Tommie thanks so much for commenting and having the guts to do it. Your’s is the first n the net out of 100s of people that have seen it. The cut remains I’m moving on to finishing my silly Star Trek movie my late wife wrote. It was started back in 2009. It’s time I finished the effects and release it.
      The series was never intended for the general audience. I just won’t make things just to get their money and entertain them. Either did Kubrick when he made 2001 which would bomb today and go down in flames. And you know why. Sad but true but in the end there is always hope. Thanks gain for the post and the wonderful opening credit music you made for us. It made the show!


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