UFO’s and faking

So a friend sent me this because a friend of his  was at this site and took the picture. Jokingly he he accused his friend of removing the UFO that should have been there.

So as a joke I sent it back 15 minutes later after loading the picture into Lightwave 3D and placing a 3D object saucer I have from BSIT. I reflected the same lighting and the terrain from the actual picture. set the depth of field and hit render.

I have been a visual effects artist for the film industry for years and doing stuff like this when you have all the big guns is a breeze.

I wonder how long it will take for some one to say it’s real and spread it all over the net.

Beware people most of what you see and hear is all BS. It’s that small 1 or 2 percent that matters. Question everything yourself. Don’t leave it up to the so called experts to give you the answers.


UFO Back

One thought on “UFO’s and faking”

  1. Nice! Beautiful and awe-inspiring even if it’s not “real.” Reminds me of Ridley Scott’s first Prometheus Aliens reboot, which kinda sucked but the UFO scenes over the Icelandic falls created a mood, as this does here. I mean this as a compliment, as I lack any film insider context.
    Also please let me say I’m sincerely sorry for the loss of your wife; I’ve been married 34 years and my Old Fart is very precious to me.


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