This got me in a lot of trouble recently on the forums and Facebook. People attacked me without even researching first my background. They told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. That nothing would convince me. And most importantly they all fell for the trap and spewed their truth believer stories about aliens in spaceships from other planets.

If they had read between the lines then they would have realized I have these experiences too but I didn’t follow or just believe in all the conjecture and tall stories. This has to be more important than just that. And we don’t know. We just don’t. But something is there.


So where does it come from? I look at the replies and opinions to Whitley’s page and on other UFO related websites about who the visitors are.

How do they know all this stuff? What are their references? Facts? Data? All any of us truly know is that something is happening we can’t explain. But Something is There.

All these claims of aliens, greys and the rest are just stories. No more, they have no basis in facts.

A UFO is an unidentified flying object. No more no less. It’s not an alien spaceship yet somehow in the minds of the public it has become that. The mislead true believers and the media are to thank for that.

It’s getting to this point where I can’t read anything about this subject anymore without the endless opinions and stories that have watered down this subject into the laughable material it is. Even I laugh at it.

People are playing X-Files and living in a fantasy world of make believe while something quite extraordinary is occurring as we speak.

Please question for yourself. Don’t follow and you may find truth.

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