The successful failure

I have had many reviews and comments. Only four negative reviews. Most people who watched it loved it. Even people not involved in close encounters.
We reached thousands of people from Fade to Black to Coast to Coast, Dreamland and many more. Fans spread it to numerous forums and websites and all over social media.
Out of all that, to date, 666 views. I’m not joking that is the current actual count.
The public is the real failure. They wouldn’t watch it even for free.  Because if they only watched a few seconds of the show it would have registered as a view.
I’m not sure they can sit still with anything for more than 5 minutes at best.
Mary and I are blown away. But the more I think about it it makes perfect sense. People are lost, confused, and distracted to such a point they are easy prey. Prey to the times, the ridiculous politics of the world. Something that matters not at all in the grand scheme of things. Step back a few light years into space at it doesn’t exist at all.
“But Something is There” speaks of this very thing.
But the people that wrote to me about the show and why they liked it so much(even watched it several times and commented on very single detail) are the real hope. They even commented on the music used. Thanked me for the lack of scary music and and loud sound effects during the bedroom scene. They go it.
Then there’s the people that it pissed off because it didn’t suit their little paradigms. I didn’t call them aliens or say where they are from. How dare I.
I chuckle with success there. Wonderful. You don’t know what you don’t know.
Still the great experiment continues. Several emails cry out for more and I hope I can do the next script, “The Dreamtime”. It’s a good script about communion with the other side and those other worlds. Somehow I will find the money.
I won’t give up I was warned not to. If you watched the film you will know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t don’t comment.
But this for me has been a successful failure. And I am proud and pleased.
Thank you all for the support on all this and keep spreading “But Something is There” as far as you can.

3 thoughts on “The successful failure”

  1. Some people are easily freaked out by anything even slightly outside their daily perception of things around them. To others, questioning what is perceived as “reality” can be a fascinating prospect…


  2. Don’t despair Steve. I JUST HEARD (caps for emphasis!) your interview on Coast and sought out the pilot, making a donation because I was moved by your story. Some of us are a little slow! Frankly, “They” have never had any interest in me – my husband helpfully suggested it’s because “They know you’d never shut up” – but I have no reason to doubt you or most of the others whose lives are affected.


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