Now that my film has been seen by over 100,000 and the book thousands more I think I can call it, or at least talk about it.

I don’t sell snake oil. I never did. I didn’t do this for the money or fame. I only talk about what I know and what I don’t know. I don’t make up answers, theories or conjecture about my experience and as a result it has had many interesting results.

It has caused a lot of controversy. Why? Because I don’t call the beings grays, or aliens, or talk about where they are from and why they are here.

I’m not a member of the true believer or truth seeker club. I cringe when people talk about the galactic federation and the comic book dogma of X-Files fantasy they have created.

I get emails telling me I’m with the devil and I know well who they are and their agenda. I get yelled at for not knowing true science. We are not close to interstellar travel. I’m told that we already are and it’s being covered up. Really? It gets worse but those of you on the side of commend sense, reason and intelligence get the drift.

Trust me you are out there because I’ve had your emails too. You appreciated what I have done and thanked me and shared your stories with me even collaborated.

Then there are the people that have nothing to do with this subject matter. Outsiders who just plain out hate “But Something is There” and yet the next comment says “beautiful. Just like my experience”.

Despite all this controversy and debate I haven’t been asked back on any radio programs or podcasts. I haven’t been asked to be interviewed again since the release. I haven’t been invited to speak at Cons or events. I am literally being shunned and ignored by the media of this field of interest. Why? My perspective on this subject goes against the grain. It takes away from the tall tales and wild tales. It hurts the snake oil salesmen that line up the next guest list at the next Alien Con.

I’m not saying everyone is telling lies on those lists. They aren’t there are some good people there. But they are few and far between and get the least attention. A good example is Whitley Strieber. At Contact in Desert he wasn’t even listed or his picture shown. You had to look down a long list of text to find it while the snake oil people had their Hollywood pictures and gloat well presented on the front page of the guest list page.

You are being had. Sold Koolaid and it’s not helping the advancement of knowledge of this amazing phenomenon.

I want to thanks the good people that have commented and wrote to me in reason. You are the reason I persist. “There’s still hope. Don’t give up”.

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