The Show is Spreading

Since LPARS released this on to YouTube the comments are mixed. A lot of haters who only want “Scary” entertainment and could care less about truth and integrity. But some others defended the film as”Beautiful”. A great compliment.


But the likes vs. dislikes are a landslide. Thank you to the beautiful people I know on here on Earth. You are the hope of our future.



4 thoughts on “The Show is Spreading”

  1. I watched this a couple of weeks ago and now wait with eager anticipation for the next episodes! This is a grassroots movement and Steve and the gang are leading the way! I don’t recall having any contact myself, “But, Something Is There!”.


  2. I read your book it was excellent! And I really enjoyed the first episode! I love the alien planet scene!
    At age of nine I believe I was taken to another world. There were silver flying ships in the air some were egg shaped and others were more oblong .


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