The latest

I have been busy lately as always. The studio keeps Mary and me crazy busy with so many projects from CGI animation, post production, model, our podcasts and more that it’s hard to take a break.

In addition to all that I’m writing the next book in the “But Something is There” series. In this book I’m spilling my guts like never before and going into great more detail about my life with this experience and the visitors.

I’m finding it difficult to write. Try going back in time and writing about your past to present day, the good, the bad, and the ugly, things that you would rather forget but never can. And these bad things had nothing to do with the visitors but bad people.

Many of you that will read the book will discover you aren’t alone with something you continue not to talk about because it is crazier to admit to then being in contact with an external, non human intelligence.

And this something might just be at the core of why these things happen to you and not the general populous.

So many books on this subject talk about the same thing over and over again and to be fair there are a lot of similar stories out there because they really happen to people. They like me want to write about it and tell their story.

After 66 years of life there has been something haunting me since I can remember and this book will talk about it.

It will take another 2 months for it to be finished but I’m well on the way with the writing.

It’s called, “But Something is There”, We Weren’t Taken.


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