Writing the Book and CGI models

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I spent the better part of the weekend writing the book, and working on CGI models that are still raw, but on their way. 
I have made it from 6 years of age up until the time I met my late wife Gilly. A long cathartic road.
I’m sure there are not many people my age reviewing their life in this way. And some of the things that happened while writing are unexpected. Writing a book about your life and especially about these experiences (which are still considered taboo by the uninformed) is difficult at best.
Will I come under criticism? Yes definitely. Do I give a damn? No. And thanks to Robert Bigelow, Whitley Strieber and so many others who had the guts to come forward I can feel that way more than ever. Lets face it. You can come out of the closet about just about anything and they will give you a pat on the back. But this subject, not so. 
The media has not helped at all in the past. Or presently. They have always focused on the fringe elements, crazy people and hoaxers. But if anyone spoke about this with any credibility at all, they were discounted.
It all reminds of that town meeting scene in” Close Encounters.” Richard Dreyfuss  tries to tell the media about what he saw. But the minute a crazy person opened up his big dumb mouth about seeing a bigfoot with a foot this long(as referred to by spreading two ashtrays out apart) all the cameras in the room turn on him.
Spielberg knew of this well as many of us do. We don’t get a chance. But for me in the immortal words of Robert Bigeglow “I don’t give a Damn” if they do think I’m crazy.
And this criticism comes from people that are for the most part, unaware of their own universe. They even lack the knowledge that the sun is a star like the other stars they may or not be aware in the night sky.
This all makes it hard. I’m not trying to change the world, scare people or alarm the public in anyway. I’m only suggesting that reality may not be what you have been taught. To question it. Get answers for yourself and do the research before you form an opinion.
And so I tell my story like others have but without conjecture or theories. 
I have no answers. We don’t know honestly what we are dealing with so I just report the facts. I tell you what I know, not what I believe. Believe is a dirty word. It lacks substance.
But something is There.

end shot visitors (1)


CGI Visitor models

I have been at it now for several days on this model. Although I have built such meshes in the past I have been using techniques I should have long ago. So it’s been learning and building at the same time or it would have been done sooner.

None the less I am closing on this mesh and I have gone beyond what’s truly needed as it will never be seen that long on the screen or in such full lighting as this low res render.

It’s in a rather stiff pose as it’s suitable for rigging. Once rigged (which is the next step) I’ll be able to pose it and animate. In addition the face will have full movement of expression.

This being represents the taller beings that seem to be in charge based in my experience and that of others.

Issac has been doing after effects and more editing and the pilot is really shaping up. He is also(you’ll be happy with this Tommie) getting ready a partial cut to our talented composer.


Crew! Follow the blog

We are shooting on the 21st. Of January. If you don’t have the new script with the new pages let Mary know. We have no special effects make up or creature work that day. It is all talking heads. The actors will need makeup. We are shooting the support group scene.

Thanks so much.



Tomas Martin and I have been battling back and forth over the theme and score for this production. Tomas has been diligent, never giving up trying to find the sound and feeling I want for this show. Over and over again he sent me pieces I rejected. He told me about Mark Snow and Chris Carter doing the same for the X-Files theme.

One day I was washing dishes and it came to me. I heard it in my mind as I often hear music but can’t write it down. I dropped the dishes, grabbed my iPhone and whistled the theme into the phone.I sent it to Tommie. He liked it and sent me a few days later a rough pass at the theme I whistled.

This time it was right. Tommie did an exceptional job of interpiting my theme and adding to it. This is in no way the final mix of this but I put it to Brad Hoplocks intro tease.

We are currently doing a 2.5 minute theatrical trailer. Isaac Blair is doing an “Awesome ” job!



That question about financing…

Our production, But Something is There, is not “on spec” as much as a labor of love. The reason we have not asked for a backer is because when someone gives you a large sum of money they want to have creative control as well. This story is based on real experiences. Steve, Paul, Whitley and I don’t wish to make this production into someone else’s vision. It is funded by the few model and prop jobs we get and some of our social security money. We are going to sell it after it is finished to keep our vision. All work on the production right now is volunteer and, when it sells, we will be able to compensate all involved for their hard work and love.

August Update

Our current status is:” in production”. However it is difficult to sync up with the rest of the crew, on weekends where we can all be present for a shoot. At this point in time it would appear that August 13th would be the next time if we can all sync up.
What I’m doing today is going through the script and breaking down in a logical manner a time line of dates and scenes we can do. Then share it with the crew and see if it can work and adjust accordingly.

Very soon I’ll be starting the next script. This one will be a wild ride through the unknown as never before in this subject matter. I have so much material to sort through but I have been thinking about it constantly and feel prepared to write it.

No matter what your feelings or experience with this most controversial subject matter are, remember, “But Something is There”.


Shoot #2, 7/9/2016,”But Something is There”

We are shooting today. More great scenes with Robb and Logon. In addition today we have the lovely and talented Tammy Klein. I will be shooting more behind the scenes footage to add to this weeks SNG Experience. I would like to thank my dear friend Whitley Strieber for being part of this production, the friendship and inspiration.
i am deep in editing and increasing up grades to my editing equipment. This week we got a new 29:9 editing monitor. A new GTX GeForce Founders addition 1080 video card. we are shooting in 4K so we had to upgrade. Exciting times.