50 minutes of show

We are at 50 minutes of cut show in the edit bay. We still have more to shoot but we will easilly make a 1 hour pilot if not more.
Now I’m working on Whitley Strieber’s intro for the show. Did a green screen test today and tomorrow will create a CGI forest and night sky. Place camp fire flames in front of him. He jesters up and we pan into the night sky and into space.



Another shoot day on the 23rd of October

We put in another 12 hour day on Sunday. We are getting closer to a finish on principal photography. Editing and visual effects are coming along well. We are past the 2 thirds mark thanks to our wonderful and talented crew!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and some effects work in progress.


Effects work galore

Working hard in Lightwave with our effects. San Francisco at night and fly over and down into the city shot. Turned a super high res day light image map into night, added lights which took a lot of work in Photoshop. The mesh is topographical and actual CGI model not just an image on a flat frame. Next up build an old San Francisco street.