Shooting this Sunday

The set for the boy’s bedroom in,”But Something is There” is standing and ready for set dec.
The to John and Scott for sticking it out today. The 14 will get here quick.
I ordered a bunch of 50s toys today some I actually owed as a child for decorations. I also had some that are from the 50s and even a Gort and Man Made satellite that has a window with a dog inside. What a trip down memory lane.
Tomorrow we add the bed and furniture, curtains and more. Movie magic is a wonderful and creative passion.




August Update

Our current status is:” in production”. However it is difficult to sync up with the rest of the crew, on weekends where we can all be present for a shoot. At this point in time it would appear that August 13th would be the next time if we can all sync up.
What I’m doing today is going through the script and breaking down in a logical manner a time line of dates and scenes we can do. Then share it with the crew and see if it can work and adjust accordingly.

Very soon I’ll be starting the next script. This one will be a wild ride through the unknown as never before in this subject matter. I have so much material to sort through but I have been thinking about it constantly and feel prepared to write it.

No matter what your feelings or experience with this most controversial subject matter are, remember, “But Something is There”.


Great shoot last night!

I just have to thank all the wonderful and talented people that are helping us make this production so great. We had a night shoot last night in Piru CA. Antonina found a perfect older home trapped in the 50’s that we were able to use. Thank you Debbie so much for allowing us to use your home!

The performances from Logan Bond, Tammy Klein, and Robb Wolfford were outstanding!

We are so grateful to all involved. Here are some pictures from the shoot.

Next up we will be shooting young Mark’s first encounter with the Visitors. We start building the sets for the child’s bedroom this week.

Peter Fox’s makeup prosthetic make up is underway. Pauline Henao did the original sculptures in one piece and later we removed those pieces from the life mask and transferred them to separate back plates to create overlapping silicone appliances. Antonina Henderson did the transfers and is pointing up the sculptures. Once these are finished molds will be made.

Great progress all the way around. This week we will be cutting last night’s footage into the time line.


Shoot #2, 7/9/2016,”But Something is There”

We are shooting today. More great scenes with Robb and Logon. In addition today we have the lovely and talented Tammy Klein. I will be shooting more behind the scenes footage to add to this weeks SNG Experience. I would like to thank my dear friend Whitley Strieber for being part of this production, the friendship and inspiration.
i am deep in editing and increasing up grades to my editing equipment. This week we got a new 29:9 editing monitor. A new GTX GeForce Founders addition 1080 video card. we are shooting in 4K so we had to upgrade. Exciting times.