Closer and closer

We are winding down to our deadline to be finished. The 4th is picture lock and the show goes to Paul Gentry for timing. After that we have until 8th to be finished making sure that we are ready for the first private screening on the 16th of December. The pressure is on.

Here is a frame grab from a shot Isaac and i have been working on for awhile.




Something meaningful…

With all the political, religious, flag waving and continued tribalism in the world spotlight, something truly meaningful is happening. Something that might well bring us all together and put us on a path of ascension from all this chaos towards the discovery of who we truly are and why we are here.

Drum roll 11-20-17

As we head into the final stretch of our post production the pilot is looking very good to me. It has the look and feel I had hoped for when I first wrote the screenplay over a year and a half ago.

This was made possible by a bunch of very talented and dedicated people on our crew.

It has had very good feedback from those that have seen the rough cut. We will most certainly make the first private screening date at this rate.

Thanks to Issac, Paul Gentry, and Emel Dursun we will finish in the next couple of weeks.

I just did the last visual effect for the show this last Friday.

New trailers will come out soon. What a ride this has been!

Here is a shot in the edit bay of Rob recoiling in the car to what he sees for a brief second in the window. Also a frame grab from the beautiful credit sequence by the most talented Brad Hoplock.



Much editing and visual effects have been done the last few weeks. Isaac and I have been busy. We actually have a timeline without holes and scenes missing. Sound effects in. It’s within the possibility that we will finish in the next 2 weeks. We near that sweeten phase when the sound and picture get locked.
Although I’m sure there will be great controversy regarding this claim from the producers and others involved, some changes will made based on over sights and good suggestions. However as it stands now I’m very happy with the feel and look of the film. Whitley recently saw much of the cut and was very pleased.
And as Lincoln once said…