Post production

Editing continues on the show and I must say Isaac Blair is doing one hell of a job. I watched the rough cut of the first encounter of the boy Mark with the Vistors.
I have spent a few days doing CGI animations of the Visitors against the background plates we shot of the boy hiding under his desk. Isaac cut them in today. It gave me chills as it was nearly exact to my own experience.
It is going very well. Such a talented crew and artists are breathing life into something I lived. It’s eerie and bueatiful at the same time

That question about financing…

Our production, But Something is There, is not “on spec” as much as a labor of love. The reason we have not asked for a backer is because when someone gives you a large sum of money they want to have creative control as well. This story is based on real experiences. Steve, Paul, Whitley and I don’t wish to make this production into someone else’s vision. It is funded by the few model and prop jobs we get and some of our social security money. We are going to sell it after it is finished to keep our vision. All work on the production right now is volunteer and, when it sells, we will be able to compensate all involved for their hard work and love.

Aug 20th shoot with Whitley Strieber

We had another great shoot for our production on Saturday the 20th of August. This entire day was spent shooting Whitley’s intro monologue to “But Something is There”. Each episode will have the same intro with a slight change at the end to address the current episode.

Whitley as always did a fantastic job and brought so much depth and emotion to our show. His delivery of my written words was amazing to witness and I thank my dear friend from the bottom of my heart for his participation and support.

Next up on September 11th we will shoot a scene where my grandfather and I walked a country road at night and witnessed something extraordinary that stays with me to this day.

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It was an amazing 14 hour day of shooting yesterday. The night before I was up to 2 am rearranging the shoot with last minute changes. We were back up at 5 am and out the door.
We had a general meeting at 7 am and planned the days shoot.

It it was a daughting task to get all the shots we needed in one day but because of the wonderfully fantastic crew of creative professionals we were able to pull it off. We got them all and some extra to boot.

Thank you all! You are wonderful and this production would not be possible without you. You are the life’s blood of, “But Something is There”.

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Shooting this Sunday

The set for the boy’s bedroom in,”But Something is There” is standing and ready for set dec.
The to John and Scott for sticking it out today. The 14 will get here quick.
I ordered a bunch of 50s toys today some I actually owed as a child for decorations. I also had some that are from the 50s and even a Gort and Man Made satellite that has a window with a dog inside. What a trip down memory lane.
Tomorrow we add the bed and furniture, curtains and more. Movie magic is a wonderful and creative passion.



August Update

Our current status is:” in production”. However it is difficult to sync up with the rest of the crew, on weekends where we can all be present for a shoot. At this point in time it would appear that August 13th would be the next time if we can all sync up.
What I’m doing today is going through the script and breaking down in a logical manner a time line of dates and scenes we can do. Then share it with the crew and see if it can work and adjust accordingly.

Very soon I’ll be starting the next script. This one will be a wild ride through the unknown as never before in this subject matter. I have so much material to sort through but I have been thinking about it constantly and feel prepared to write it.

No matter what your feelings or experience with this most controversial subject matter are, remember, “But Something is There”.