Latest cut…we are close

Issac brought over the latest cut of the show and it was wonderful. It moved me to tears. What he has done with the edit and effects is better than I could have hoped for.

There is now only a tiny bit of clean up and color correction to go and then it’s on to the final sound mix.

This image is from the edit. A brilliant creative move on Issac’s part. A reflection on the glass from my grand father’s past experience.

We are at last close. But this has to be right because nothing like it has ever been done before.



Our next Production

“A New World” is a very different documentary on many levels. First of all, most films on this subject are all very similar. They often are over-dramatized, sensational “talking heads” documentaries that rehash the same cases over and over again. They have cheap special effects and re-enactments with actors.

Most importantly they are almost never honest, in-depth or soul searching. They don’t try to answer the greatest mystery of them all: Why? Why has a high intelligence taken such a deep interest in us? Where is this all leading? And who are we?

Think about it for a moment. None of us really know. You are alive in this immense Universe. There is so much more then the existence we have here on Earth. Our perspective is a small piece of a huge picture you rarely consider in your day to day life.

We are not small insignificant creatures as many people pontificate on social media. They say we aren’t worth it. They go on to state we are tiny and insignificant.

We are beings that can hold the vision of this immense universe within our minds. Even as I write this, I can see from Earth to the edge of our known universe and beyond to the multi-universe that exists beyond, and, at the same time, down to the atom and beyond.

Can other species of life on this planet do this? Do they understand the nature of mortality? We can and this makes us huge. This is a universe that wouldn’t exist without us here to perceive it. We are not alone this is an old cliché but true nonetheless.

This documentary will be an experience that will answer many questions never asked in the past. It will be a film experience that will take you on an incredible journey leaving you with a perspective of your reality that will change your consciousness. It will leave you with a perspective that I feel this experience with the Visitors is all about.

Be a part of this film. Your help is very important. Be part of history and a movement towards understanding our lives and relationship to the universe.

Other filmmakers have had their say and now it is time for truth. It’s time for the years of Whitley’s experience, study, and perspective to be heard in this definitive film, “A New World”. to donate

A New world art poster version

Closer and closer

We are winding down to our deadline to be finished. The 4th is picture lock and the show goes to Paul Gentry for timing. After that we have until 8th to be finished making sure that we are ready for the first private screening on the 16th of December. The pressure is on.

Here is a frame grab from a shot Isaac and i have been working on for awhile.



Drum roll 11-20-17

As we head into the final stretch of our post production the pilot is looking very good to me. It has the look and feel I had hoped for when I first wrote the screenplay over a year and a half ago.

This was made possible by a bunch of very talented and dedicated people on our crew.

It has had very good feedback from those that have seen the rough cut. We will most certainly make the first private screening date at this rate.

Thanks to Issac, Paul Gentry, and Emel Dursun we will finish in the next couple of weeks.

I just did the last visual effect for the show this last Friday.

New trailers will come out soon. What a ride this has been!

Here is a shot in the edit bay of Rob recoiling in the car to what he sees for a brief second in the window. Also a frame grab from the beautiful credit sequence by the most talented Brad Hoplock.