Final days

We are in the final days of finishing! Next week we should have everything in a tweaked. End credits go in next. Here’s a new frame grab from one of the scenes near the end where I saw something in my kitchen.


kitchen greynew



Much editing and visual effects have been done the last few weeks. Isaac and I have been busy. We actually have a timeline without holes and scenes missing. Sound effects in. It’s within the possibility that we will finish in the next 2 weeks. We near that sweeten phase when the sound and picture get locked.
Although I’m sure there will be great controversy regarding this claim from the producers and others involved, some changes will made based on over sights and good suggestions. However as it stands now I’m very happy with the feel and look of the film. Whitley recently saw much of the cut and was very pleased.
And as Lincoln once said…




Recreation of UFO sighting

I recreated what happened on the 12th of October. There is no sound because other than Whitley’s voice on the phone there wasn’t any. You need to go full screen to get all the details. If you watch it on the little box you won’t see much or the way it heat waved and seemed to come in and out. It was very fast and it left me with a message. “There’s still hope. Don’t give up” That should be a message to us all in this insane times.


Visitor experience tonight

I just had the most amazing UFO experience that I have had in a long time and I was talking to Whitley Strieber at the very moment it happened while on my phone outside in the backyard. I am breathless, it was wonderful and beautiful. And I got a message. “Don’t give up, there’s still hope.” I never will.

Work continues…

Isaac and I are working daily on the show. Sweetening the editing and adjust the effects for the final look. Adding music. All the music is classical. A mix of JS Bach,Von Williams, Beethoven, and Saint Saens 2nd symphony it’s really shaping up and getting the feel I’ve always wanted for the film. I have always been very influenced by Stanley Kubrick.

We are shooting for a screening to the cast and crew at the end of November.

gray enhanced