extraordinary claims…

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

The evidence exists 10 fold. Yet scientific denial of these claims exists in greater volumes.

When you refuse to examine evidence you are not being scientific. You will discover nothing. It is the path towards arrogance, ignorance, and a descent into darkness.

I understand that it is difficult to sift through the piles and piles of disinformation and the noise from tin foil hats. Accurate information and evidence is there. It will take patience to sift through it. But something is there.

One should never have an opinion or a judgment of any subject without knowledge.




Waking up…

Let me make this as simple and short as I can. There are very bad people, human beings in power that will try to convince you that the Visitor experience is something to fear. Why? They mean to maintain their power and control over your very being. These humans are to be feared and resisted. Not the Visitors.

What they fear most is you waking up to the truth and reality they keep hidden from you.  They fear your being self aware and empowered.

The films, documentaries and many of the books written on this subject are predominately fear based. They want you to fear the unknown, not embrace it. Look down. Not up. And the stars? When is the last time you looked at them and questioned?

There is something wonderful, beautiful and natural trying to commune with us. It is the next step in the evolution of our spirit.

Whitley and Anne said it best. “People are in a dream and we who have this experience are the only ones who are awake to see it”

Wake up. Look at the stars and question. Don’t let them dim your spirit.

Ravens moment

2001: a space odyssey and the Visitor Experience

I have been recreating items from my favorite movie of all time “2001: a space odyssey.” There is not a film or book that has had more influence on my life than 2001. It mystified me and set me on a course that lead to my film career but at the same time the film is so deeply connected to the Visitor experience.
As I sculpt the Star Child from the end of the movie I’m feeling a deep connection with the meaning of this experience. As with the film there will be a next step in human evolution. From the early man apes in the pit that touched the monolith 4 million years ago to Hayward Floyd in the Tyco cater touching the Monolith we move towards higher consciousness and the stars.
As I sculpt this recreation of the Star Child it’s no wonder to me my connection with the film and now it has gone full circle for me.
Here is the rough sculpture so far. Also Moonwatcher I recently created from the film.

Empathy and Self Awareness

Empathy and Self awareness

I remember well when I got a call from Whitley about Anne. Mary was driving and as we crossed the bridge to our Condo my phone rang and it was Whitley. Anne had just passed.

It’s hard to explain the feelings I had they were a mix of my own and Whitley’s and it was one of those more powerful moments in one’s life. All at once someone who was a friend and that you loved is gone. I’ve been there so many times now I’m losing count. So many times wrestling with my thoughts about it and yet the same conclusion is always there. Nothing ever really dies.

As in the past I have communicated with the dead, a word that really doesn’t have the right fit. A better definition would be passed on, passed on from our sometimes tired and worn bodies back to which we have always been, Spirit.

Anne wrote a brilliant piece in her diary that explains this so much better than I can and I highly recommend reading it: http://www.unknowncountry.com/diary/objective-love

Having conversation and contact with loved ones that have passed on in my life has run in my family. It’s just something that many of us that have the visitor experience have the ability to do. Perhaps the Visitors are attracted to us for this reason. We are vastly self-aware and connected with spirit.

But there’s always skepticism one retains about these matters. Is it real or just my spirit comforting itself?

Only once did I have an absolute regarding this skepticism. There was no possible way I was comforting myself and fantasizing. I wrote about it in”But Something is There.” Without repeating the story here, all I can tell you is that it was real.

Moving back to the whole point of this writing, when we got back to the condo I had this overwhelming sense and presence of Anne. It wasn’t as if she used words when communicating with me, but the best I can do is put it into words.

“Keep an eye on Whitley. Talk to him. Love your friend and stay by him”. The words can’t begin to express the loving feeling I had. There just aren’t words to describe the things we experience in existence because our souls have never been word based. That is something we use to communicate in the physical world which is only a small but important part of our immense existence.

Still I wondered was it real?

Yesterday I had lunch with Whitley and he told me about an agreement he had with Anne should one of them ever pass first. That was that whoever passed first would contact their friends. Not each other. This way when friends started reporting contact the other would know it was real. That there wouldn’t be the doubt we all have when these things occur.  This is exactly what happened to Whitley. Friends and family almost at once started reporting communication with Anne.

He never told me this until yesterday and I immediately remembered Anne’s message. I knew then it was real. I never told Whitley because I couldn’t be sure, but I did last night. I felt a great deal of emotion from it. It was so moving. It was a relief.

Thank you Anne, it meant so much to me that you reached out in this way, enriched my life, and my connection with all spirit.