Public Screening a Sucess

The public screening was a packed house and a wonderful event. Whitley spoke to the audience before the screening and read  the first chapter of his new book which perfectly set up the audience for what they were about to see. Thanks to the  House of Magic for using their theater.
We are currently writing 5 more scripts  and will be back in production soon.

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First Episode Public Screening

This coming Sunday on June 10th we are having our public screening of “But Something is There”.

This is the final cut. It is miles beyond our first screening. We learned a lot from the screening that was shown to the cast and crew. It is now completely remixed and edited. We made changes to the sound and picture, added different music, and polished the entire production. It is now the picture I wanted all along.

Sometimes it takes several tries to get it right. Paul Gentry did an amazing job of adding creative touches both editorially and with audio that enhanced the film a great deal.

Between Paul Gentry and Isaac Blair’s creative efforts the first pilot (IMHO) is a gem.

Whitley Strieber recently viewed the film and said, “It was beautiful, visually stunning, and a quiet telling of a story that needs to be understood. Not sensationalized”.

I’m very excited to have this public screening. It will allow many people who have these experiences to see the film. After years of the media and Hollywood insulting this subject matter, it’s high time that someone tells the honest truth.

It is my hope that this approach will encourage honest and credible people to come forward with their stories without fear of being laughed at.

I can’t begin to thank the “Ventura Adult Continuing Education”, (VACE) for their assistance and students who contributed their time to this production over the last 2 years.

I want to thank my actors, Robb Wolford, Jeff Bond, Logan Bond, Tammy Klein, David Allen Graf, and April Malloy. They gave tirelessly to our efforts and did such an amazing and professional job. They are all my heroes and an incredible talent.

I want to thank Whitley Strieber and Yvonne Smith for playing themselves in this production. Whitley and I have been long time friends and I could not have made this the film it is without him. His help to this production started when I first read “Communion” in 1987.

Yvonne and I have been friends since 1991 and it was she to whom I first went for help with my experiences. It was her support group meetings that helped me to understand I wasn’t alone with this experience and the hypnotherapy to uncover more details about my experiences.

Both these amazing people add a flare of authenticity to the production.

I thank my crew who are too many to name here who gave of themselves 100% to get this amazing and nearly impossible task to achieve reality.

This all brings us to a close of a 2 year saga, even longer if you count when this all began for me in 1957 as a child in San Francisco.

But it doesn’t end here. The second script is written and the third is on the way. We will do 5 more episodes and this time we will have funding and a budget to pay everyone involved.

Get ready for this adventure to continue. We are just starting.title frame

We finished!

We have picture lock and sound. The first render happens this weekend. Officially we are done!

We will be making renders for projection and blu-ray.
First screening is May 5th. It’s private for cast and crew only but later that month we will have a public screening in Ventura to be announced.

Next Episode and update 04-16-18

Isaac and I got the picture all done. Every cut and effect is in place and ready to render. The sound mix goes in today and Tuesday Paul Gentry and I do a one last go over.

Wednesday I run off the first full render of the film and we are ready to screen. I have been working 7 day weeks and I’m just about had it and I’m looking forward to a break.

I have started writing the next episode. It’s called” The Dreamtime”.

It deals with a level of this experience never expressed by most alleged experiencers. Contact with the dead, other worlds and parallel existences we all have.

We are blinded to the truth of our dreams by a system that teaches us early on to be under their control and to believe what they tell us.

Many tribes from the Aboriginal to the Native Americans know the truth and have for thousands of years. They are the most intelligent and advanced humans on this planet.

And we should have listened to them. Our connection to the Dreamtime is vital. This is painfully apparent in light of the current state of humanity. It never had to be this way.

This episode will explore this reality.

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The Latest 04-08-18

So it’s been awhile since I have posted anything on this film project.

We have been working on it silently for a long time now. I thought so many times it was done or nearly but many delays caused by life getting in the way have slowed it down.

I finally said enough is enough. Life be damned.

I started working daily, nightly and weekends. When you have people working for you for free you can’t blame them for putting work aside they’re not being paid for. Only when their time allows and I understand that. So if anyone is to blame for the year it has been since we finished shooting up until now for the slow pace of post production it’s me.

With Isaac Blair (our senior editor) finishing off the last of the composites myself and Balthazar Garcia (or recent assistant editor) I am happy to say as of yesterday the cut is done and we are starting in on the sound mix.

In addition to all that Paul Gentry is coming up next weekend to add and do some additional tweaking to sound and color grading.

This film will be done by next week. I am not going to allow for anymore time for it to be finished.

After I watched the entire cut yesterday, as far as I’m concerned, with the exception of some minor tweaking, it’s good to go. It is very much to my liking. It’s better than I could have hoped for.

After its finish next week I’m cutting a new trailer I’ll release shortly thereafter.

In May the first screenings will happen. At this time a general release is in question until we either market this to streaming or release it ourselves on Amazon. The first screenings will be cast and crew only. Later we will have a couple of public screenings.

Thanks to everyone that has helped us get this far.

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Latest cut…we are close

Issac brought over the latest cut of the show and it was wonderful. It moved me to tears. What he has done with the edit and effects is better than I could have hoped for.

There is now only a tiny bit of clean up and color correction to go and then it’s on to the final sound mix.

This image is from the edit. A brilliant creative move on Issac’s part. A reflection on the glass from my grand father’s past experience.

We are at last close. But this has to be right because nothing like it has ever been done before.