Visitor experience tonight

I just had the most amazing UFO experience that I have had in a long time and I was talking to Whitley Strieber at the very moment it happened while on my phone outside in the backyard. I am breathless, it was wonderful and beautiful. And I got a message. “Don’t give up, there’s still hope.” I never will.


Work continues…

Isaac and I are working daily on the show. Sweetening the editing and adjust the effects for the final look. Adding music. All the music is classical. A mix of JS Bach,Von Williams, Beethoven, and Saint Saens 2nd symphony it’s really shaping up and getting the feel I’ve always wanted for the film. I have always been very influenced by Stanley Kubrick.

We are shooting for a screening to the cast and crew at the end of November.

gray enhanced

Thank you…

I want to thank everyone that has sent emails expressing your enjoyment reading my book and kind words. Also for the review on Amazon. Thank you Yvonne Yvonne Smith​ for the wonderful forward. Thanks you Mary Cacciapaglia​ for all you did to edit this book. To Paul Butcher​ for his wonderful cover!

And thanks to Whitley Strieber for all his help getting the book exposed and his friendship through the many years we have know each other.


But Something is There is Steve Neill’s journey through a life time of dealing with the unknown. Some call the experience “The Visitors” some call it abduction by aliens. The truth is we don’t know what it is, But Something is There.

extraordinary claims…

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

The evidence exists 10 fold. Yet scientific denial of these claims exists in greater volumes.

When you refuse to examine evidence you are not being scientific. You will discover nothing. It is the path towards arrogance, ignorance, and a descent into darkness.

I understand that it is difficult to sift through the piles and piles of disinformation and the noise from tin foil hats. Accurate information and evidence is there. It will take patience to sift through it. But something is there.

One should never have an opinion or a judgment of any subject without knowledge.